What is Running Stars?

Q. What is Running Stars?

A. A free community based running event, welcome to all everyone, runners, walkers, supporters and dogs (where available)

Q. How much is it to join?

A. Free

Q. Where do you run?

A. We are currently located in the Northern Beaches in Sydney at this stage, but have plans for more locations around Australia

Q. When do you run?

A. Generally early morning on Sundays, but in summer can have mid week events as well.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. You can sign up on the website, but it is best to download the app (Android & iOS) on your phone as there are many cool features (and more to come) using your phone.

Q. What should I expect on my first event?

A. When you first turn up to your first event, please come at least 20 minutes before the event and meet up with the volunteers. They will be able to give you a free “Star Card” which will then be able to be registered against your name. Make sure you have already signed up on the app before arriving. After the first event you will just need to remember to bring your “Star Card” to record your results each week.

Q. What if I lose my “Star Card”?

A. You will be able to purchase replacement “Star Card” and once you have done this you can pick it up 20 minutes before the next event.

Q. What do I need/bring to do each week?

A. Just you and your Star Card. Ideally select your distance you are going to run before you start the event using the app.

Q. Is it Covid-Safe?

A. With our patented Tap & Go Timing System we can keep our required physical distancing. There is minimal volunteers needed and human contact required.

Q. Where can I see my results?

A. Once you tap to complete, your results will be available straight away on the App.

Q. Can I volunteer?

A. We love volunteers!!! We have a number of roles each week to fill from simple jobs like setting up or packing up the course, to photography, meet and greet role and run leaders. Speak to the run leader or star commander on the day to ask about the roles.